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Board No. 1 Explained

Posted: April 6th, 2012

Width: 10″
Length: 30″
Wheelbase: 15″
Nose: 4 1/4″
Tail: 6 1/2″

Board #1 is the first board that I designed for Elephant Brand Skateboards. It pays homage to the very first skateboard I ever owned, a Sims Jeff Phillips. I got that board on Christmas Morning 1984…

Me riding my Sims Jeff Phillips on Christmas Morning, 1984. I had the Black Flag "Bars" cut into the grip tape.

Board #1 is NOT an old-school board, a cruiser board or a retro board… It is a 10×30 all-terrain shredder built on a modern concave. It’s not some flat / stiff piece of wood… The concave on this thing responds in a way that skaters of today can relate to. This thing is built for SKATEBOARDING! Not “cruising” and not being a wallflower.

Compared to the original Jeff Philips board of yesteryear the dimensions on Board #1 have been tweaked just slightly to make the board more skateable today — Still, it is virtually the same shape that I skated in 1984. What we actually have here is the original Jeff Phillips shape fully realized and ready to rip right now:

On the board I skated in the Board #1 video I had Indy 169 Trucks, Divine 65mm wheels and 1/2 inch riser pads.

Really, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate starting point to the Elephant Brand Skateboards line… Jeff Phillips was one of my all-time favorite skaters and it’s a great honor to have had his board when I was starting out — To have gotten to know him as a fellow pro — And to now pay homage to his signature board from 1984 and his undeniable influence on skateboarding.

This is Elephant Brand Skateboards Board #1:

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